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We often look to celebrities for what project they are doing next, or for what is new in their private lives. But really one of the first things we think whenever we see a celebrity on TV, in magazines, or on the streets is what they look like. What style are they rocking today? Who rocks their highlights and who has gone for a short pixie? Which works well and what can maybe be some inspiration for our own original styles? From recent award shows, events, or just casual appearances, here are some 2017 hairstyles popular among celebrities that might give you some ideas for your own hair.

Tousled Bob

This haircut is the definition confidence and fun. The tousled bob moves like a waterfall before splashing down into amazing curls. If you are looking to make an energetic presence, then this wild bob is one to try. You can see Taraji P. Henson rocking this stylish wonder.

The Pixie

This pixie haircut radiates cute wonder. This style looks both subtle and organic. It isn’t too fluffy to look awkward, while also not too little hair at the same time. It is just the right, youthful length, size, and texture that it makes you like a like a fairy princess. Plenty of stars have used this style in the past, from Viola Davis to Janelle Monáe.

Spiral Curls

This waterfall of spiral curls looks like a work of art as the top of the head begins with relaxation, and then releases wavy style at the bottom. Brie Larson stunned us with this hair cut at the 2017 Oscars.

Fountain of curls

Sometimes letting chaos reign in your style creates a stunning look that is mesmerizing. That is certainly the case with long, wavy curls. Highlights are always a plus as well. Take a look at stars like Rhianna how are not afraid to use this style to wow us.

Classic Waves

Often time’s classics can still make a bold impression. That is certainly the case with the retro waves that reflect the romance of old Hollywood glamor. Great with any hair color, the waves work wonderfully with highlights to transition the colors in a natural fashion. With such a nostalgic passion in the air this year, you will find stars such as Emma Stone bringing back the romantic length during award season.


For more inspiration for your own haircuts, always be on the lookout for our regular blog updates, or Swedish book reviews as well as anything that stands out to you as something that goes well with your personal taste. If you would like to receive a unique new hairstyle of your own, then please feel free to come on down to our salon. For more information, be sure to contact Salon 26 North today.