Is a Whole New Look What You Really Want? Or Do You Need to be Rescued from a Hair Color Calamity?

Salon 26 North hair coloring experts excel in:

  • Repairing hair color blunders
  • Removing unwanted hues
  • Helping to restore the health of your hair
  • Providing subtle, tonal color shifts
  • Darkening or lightening hair
  • Restoring hair color to its natural shade

Following hair color services, we are happy to recommend quality products to preserve your new color and ensure that it remains beautiful and vibrant for weeks to come.

Hair Coloring Services

Root Touch-Up

As a gentle approach to maintaining your vibrant hair color, allow our expert colorists to perform monthly retouches to new growth.

All-Over Custom Hair Color

Our colorists will work with you to incorporate hair color that perfectly matches your style, skin tone, eye color, and unique personality.


Gloss service from Salon 26 North boosts the shine and vibrancy of your hair and extends the life of your hair color. This moisture-rich treatment will add intensity to your color-treated hair or luxurious richness to natural hair color.

Lighten & Tone

Salon 26 North hair color specialists can provide the double process of lightening and toning, to create the ideal blond shade that matches your skin tone and personal style. Colors range from golden honey to vibrant platinum. Our specialists safely render a new all-over shade for your hair, either lifting color from virgin or previously color-treated hair. Your hair will be beautifully and lustrously conditioned. A consultation prior to coloring services is always recommended.

Bronde Color

Bronde color is a technique that fuses brown and blonde, and it achieves a sun-kissed effect.

Corrective Color

Hair color service can go wrong for a variety of reasons, requiring the need for corrective color. Some of the most common color mishaps are caused by:

  • The experience level of the person combined with the chemicals in the hair color.
  • In a do-it-yourself hair color job, you may not realize that your hair absorbs more color than expected because it’s porous.
  • The combination of the condition of your hair, the color being added, and the original hair color.

Our hair color specialists at Salon 26 North can remove or fix the color and repair the damage caused by a hair coloring mishap. We can help restore your hair to its original shine and condition. You can expect renewed confidence and a transformed look.

Color Menu

Our hair color specialists will provide the look you desire, whether covering grays, providing a hair color change, or enhancing your natural hair color.


Package Option 
(+) is based on stylist experience and/or length and thickness of hair.
Single process/ Root touch up
All over color process
Double process/root touch up
Double process/ all over color
Men's color
Color gloss
Corrective color