Cut & Style

At Salon 26 North, you will have the opportunity for an extended consultation, to address the personal style you’re looking for.

Based on your hair type, length, and other factors, our experienced stylists will make a recommendation for a style that would be bested suited to bring out your unique beauty.

Styles include: Long, sleek layers; a classic bob; a professional look; or a playful hairstyle.

While receiving your shampoo and conditioning treatment, you can enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. After your customized cut, your stylist will complete your look with a complimentary blowout and finish with the right touches for your new haircut.

Women’s Cuts

Your Salon 26 North stylist will provide you with the style you want, whether a current, updated look, gray coverage, or a dramatically new style.

Children’s Cuts

Children’s cuts are for clients age 9 and under. Shampoo, conditioning, and a professional cut and blow dry are included.

Shampoo with Signature Blow Dry

A professional brush and blowout from the specialists at Salon 26 North will create the impact you want for day or evening events. During your initial consultation, a Select Specialist will analyze your hair type, discuss the style you want, and maximize volume and thickness with the appropriate tools and styling, to create an outstanding look for you and your hair.

Event Hair

Stunning Curls

Your Salon 26 North Select Specialist will use the latest hot barrel iron technique to give you the sexy, romantic, full, or dramatic curls you want. Your session will begin with a consultation about your hair type and length as well as the best style options to accentuate your unique beauty.

Stunning Waves

Do you want glamorous waves, whether to achieve Veronica Lake-inspired locks, beachy waves, or another current style? Our stylists will achieve a high-fashion look for you. Stunning waves radiate luxury because they are chic, simple, and adaptable for all occasions. A variety of hot tool techniques are used to achieve the ideal wavy look.

Stunningly Sleek and Straight

For a silky smooth and shiny look that’s versatile and ideal for any event, day or night, you can’t go wrong with glamorous straight hair. Your Salon 26 North specialist will use straightening tools of the highest quality that match your hair type to achieve an eye-pleasing finish that is sure to turn heads.

Haircut & Style Menu

We can achieve the style you want, whether a hairstyle makeover, an updated haircut, or a look fashioned especially for a special occasion, for clients of every age.

Stunning Updo

Salon 26 North Select Specialists can create the Red Carpet look you dream of, inspired by a favorite celebrity. We can create the Hollywood look that is perfect for the most auspicious occasion and also brings out your own unique style.
Whether you want swept up hair, groovy braids, or classic textured low buns, we’ll give you a hair style that’s close-up ready. Your wardrobe selection will also be considered in achieving just the right style for the overall dramatic impact you hope for.


Package Option 
(+) is based on stylist experience and/or length and thickness of hair.
Haircut only
Event hair
Men's haircut