Complementary hair highlights from Salon 26 North can be specially tailored for your skin tone, hair color, and style, to create dimension and intensity. You will have a consultation with your hair colorist, to determine whether you want foiling or balayage, and which may be the best option for the style you choose.

Hair Highlighting

Foil Highlights & Lowlights

For achieving higher lifting highlights, foil highlighting is a great choice. The foil provides heat induction that allows the lightener to lift higher in concentrated areas.

Balayage Highlights

Balayage is an alternative method of highlighting, from the French word “sweep.” This coloring technique produces a natural look and creates sun-kissed highlights. With this approach, individual hair strands are painted, to create lightness, depth, and dimension.

Ombre Color

Our color specialists at Salon 26 North can provide ombre coloring, which is the gradual blending of one color to another, usually dark to light shades from root to ends.

Bronde Color

Bronde color is a technique that fuses brown and blonde, and it achieves a sun-kissed effect.

Highlights Menu

With foil or balayage, the special highlighting you desire can be achieved in an assortment of colors, tailored specifically for your hair coloring and skin tone.


Package Option 
(+) is based on stylist experience and/or length and thickness of hair.
Ombre color
Balayage highlights
Full Highlights
Partial Highlights